Pandemic Revamping

These are strange times we are living in and no one seems to be unaffected. We are not any different than any small local company. But we have been revamping our services and our focus and it’s almost time to start taking on projects again.

We are working on developing software that is a passion project that will hopefully be available next year as well as creating a proof of concept for a potential client for a specialized business need. But we are looking always looking for more work!

Your Dream Software

If you have been thinking about software that would make something you do at your business a lot easier but it doesn’t exist yet – give us a call or use our form to send us an email. Let’s get together and chat about your idea. We can provide some feedback and a free estimate on what we think your project will cost and look like.

Your Small Business Website

Or maybe you need to get your business online and you don’t know where to start. We would be happy to have a virtual meeting to discuss the process. Meeting to discuss your options and the process does not cost a thing. It gives us a better idea of what you are looking for. Afterwards, we’ll send you a timeline and a free no-obligation estimate based on your needs. We’re small so we are agile enough to customize even our own process to meet your needs! Click the Contact Us Now button above or this handy link right here that will take you to the contact page.

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