$300 Get Your Website Online in 3 Days!

Copper Owl Development is offering a very limited time offer for new clients. This offer is valid from today until the end of July only. This is to help new businesses and individuals get online as quickly as possible. After the initial setup it will be up to you to maintain your site and add your own “flair”. You can do this by trial and error, taking a free or low-cost online course, have a friend help you out, hiring a different developer or hiring Copper Owl Development to provide training or on-going website maintenance. There is absolutely no obligation!

If you would like to quickly get your website online Copper Owl Development will:

  • install WordPress and its related database on your current host
  • do simple customization of the default template
  • Create 1-5 user accounts for you and your team
  • install and set up a contact plugin including creating a contact page

The simple customization will include:

  • adding your logo and company or personal details
  • setting up your main menu
  • adding header/slider/hero images (1-3)

Any logo or other images must be provided by you. It is also important that you already have your domain registered and your hosting account set up. If you are not sure of the difference please contact us and we will be happy to explain! If you need help registering a domain or setting up hosting we can provide a guide to get you started or include this setup as an additional fee. Domain registration and hosting are separate from Copper Owl Development and would be separate charges from those providers.

We recommend Name Cheap (domain range from $3/year to $30/year, depending on domain and sales etc) for your domain registration and Greek Geeks (about $10/month) for your website hosting.

Anything above and beyond the above will be additional charges. For details about what else is included in the offer please contact!!

There is no obligation if you contact us with questions!

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