K.I.S.S. and Modern Web Development

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That old adage is correct when it comes to websites.

I think with modern web development and design too much people forget that the reason for your business website is to provide information to your customers and clients. Or to give enough useful information to get new clients or customers.

If your website is too busy or filled with too much fluff it will do nothing except frustrate. All you have to do is think of times that you have visited a website only to get lost in the100’s of pages with no meaning. Maybe all you needed was a simple explanation, an idea of cost (though this can be hard for many companies without detailed information), a picture of an actual person in charge or even contact information.

Modern Web Development

If that information is missing or difficult to find it might not only be frustrating but it could also be a red flag. And even seasoned professionals can sometimes forget this. I had a recent experience myself where after ordering a product from a site I realized too late that there was no direct contact for the company. I was then lost in automated customer service vortex which took months to resolve.

Providing clear descriptions of services or information about actual people involved in the company can give your customers and potential customers the confidence they need to do business with you.

Too much fluff!

Giving the customer or client information doesn’t mean filling your website with filler either. I have stumbled across many a website that provides nothing but generic information that people could find on something like Wikipedia.

That is not information about your company! That is the definition of the service in a generic sense. People want information about what YOU bring to the table. If a website only contains this kind of information – this should be another red flag.

If you would like help getting your business online or cleaning up your busy site – please contact Copper Owl Development today! We would love to hear from you. And you have had your own experience with some bad website please feel free to share in the comments!

P.S. We don’t really like the word “stupid”, but it is what the acronym stands for. Also: Photo by Startup Stock Photos from Pexels

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